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Jennifer Dolan


“Everybody loves my bike! It’s from Target. I get stopped all the time. Riding a bike is the easiest way to get around town. I bike everywhere. When I’m riding I pretend I’m in Paris and it makes me happy.”

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Yvonne Jones


Yvonne is one of the Coalitions newest ambassadors who lives in the Point Breeze area of South Philly. She is happy to have seen a lot of mothers with young children become interested in cycling issues in the city and feels like she was doing the work of an ambassador before she officially became one.She feels that the time she has spent on the road using Indego has been positive.

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Kara Howland

BikePortrait.439Kara is a graphic designer and artist who lives in South Philly with her husband Nick. She regularly commutes to and from work using Indego.

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Simon Firth

BikePortrait.448Simon and his Wife Vickie are co-owners of Firth and Wilson, Transport Cycles in Fishtown. Some days he rides with Vickie on their tandem bike with their dog Archie up front.

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Lora Kantorovich

BikePortrait.461Lora is a consultant and yoga teacher who leads a very active life. She used to walk everywhere and admits that she wasn’t the best biker and often felt it wasn’t for her. This all changed once she discovered Indego and is enjoying a faster way of getting around the city.

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Kim Vernon and Scott Walls


On this day, Kim and Scott were taking a break in front of the Art Museum. They had just finished a long ride on the Schuylkill River Trail from Conshohocken.

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Nancy Drye

BikePortrait.480Nancy has been a member of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia since 1976 and was its treasurer from 1977-1992. She bikes around the city every day.

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Alfred Dukes

BikePortrait.483Alfred rides a 1962 Schwinn which he has added many of his own personal touches to. He is a handyman and rides his bike everywhere.

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Iajae Taylor

BikePortrait.431 (1)

Iajae is a young artist who helped create the Mural Arts bike project decorations.

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Lainey Jenkins


Lainey took part in the art project for Mural Arts and Indego bikes.

“This project was so fun and so creative. I feel like a celebrity.”

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