Alton Jones


Alton likes to get around the city multiple ways. When he’s on his lunch break at Philly Aids Thrift he likes to skate around the neighborhood.

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David Fajardo


David is from Ecuador and has been living in Philly for 3 years. His bike is his primary mode of transportation.
“Me disfruto el libertad, es emocionante!” Translated: “I enjoy the freedom, it’s exciting!”

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Carlise Bonds


Carlise is a fitness manager at Philly Sports Club. He is a fitness enthusiast and has been riding a bike for 10 years and is always safe when he’s on the road.
“Always have your wits about you. Don’t listen to music. Obey the traffic laws.”

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Max MacDonald


Max is a mechanic at Trophy Bikes. The bike frame on his shoulder is for a bike he’s building for a friend.

“I love working on bikes. I’ve been ‘wrenching’ for 10 years.”

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Liza deProphetis

Liza is a member of the Better Bike Share Street Team.

Liza is a member of the Better Bike Share Street Team.

What got you interested in bike share in the first place?

I think that having bikes as a form of public transportation is not only a great idea but also becoming a necessity especially for cities. I love the idea because it promotes a healthy lifestyle and is better for the environment, and especially since more people will be able to see how much freedom they have when they ride a bike.

How do you feel the Better Bike Share partnership has influenced Philly’s bike share launch?

I can definitely see the effects of BBSP’s efforts. BBSP has been doing a great job connecting with different communities that may not otherwise have heard about Indego. It’ll be even better when we expand next year, but right away on the launch date I was excited to see such a large group from Point Breeze. I’ve also noticed in my outreach work that a lot of people in North Philly who don’t even live anywhere near an Indego station are really interested and excited about it.

What’s been your most rewarding moment so far?

As part of my outreach work I’ve helped deliver books to kids in North Philly through Words on Wheels which is a great organization and a really effective way to connect with communities there. I use an Indego bike to make the deliveries so people ask me about how the bike share works. I think when we engage with people in that way they feel more connected to it and it seems more accessible to them.

Who do you think is benefiting most from the Better Bike Share partnership?


People are using it for so many different reasons that benefit them, and even people who don’t use it are happy that it’s here in Philly. So many people who didn’t ride bikes before are using Indego now, and a lot of them feel like they’ve really been missing out all this time once they realize how much more of the city they experience on a bike.

I met one guy who has a hard time walking so didn’t get out much before. Since the Indego bikes are upright and comfortable, he’s been able to bike now and said he went up the bike path on Kelly Drive for the first time in the 55 years he’s been living in the city! I also met a woman who had been driving her car every day in Center City all these years, and since Indego launched she’s barely used it. She’s so happy to not have to spend so much time and money looking for parking. And she’s feeling so much healthier too!

Why is the Better Bike Share partnership so important for Philly?

Philly has been changing so much over the years and is being gentrified very fast. It’s important to have services like this affordable and physically accessible to low-income communities. In some cities the bike share stations are mainly in tourist areas, and while it’s a great way for tourists to get around, I think it’s more important for it to reach more parts of the city.

Local residents should know that Indego is here mainly for them, and they’re already feeling more connected to the city when they use it.

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Ervin Young


Ervin rides for his health. Every day he rides from Brewerytown to the South Street Bridge and and back. He loves how it helps him relax and gets rid of stress.

“I feel blessed.”

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Alhajifatai Akinwande

BikePortrait.362Alhajifatai is originally from Nigeria. When asked the difference between riding a bike in Philadelphia and riding in Nigeria he said, “Riding a bike here is leisure, riding a bike there is a means of transportation.”

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Nichole Akinwande


Nichole is the Athletic Director at Girls High in Philadelphia. She said that their family has a goal of riding five days a week together for exercise.

“I’m trying to get healthier, because I’m off in the summer. We are trying to ride as much as possible!”

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Erin DeCou


Erin DeCou is the Executive Director of Neighborhood Bike Works.

“I think it’s great to see kids discover how far they can go on a bike and experience new places on two wheels.”

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“I feel awesome when I ride a bike!”

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